End of the line for Apple iMac Pro


Apple’s much loved 27″ all-in-one iMac Pro is finally coming to the end of it’s production cycle.

In recent months Apple had made a few mentions of the iMac Pro being discontinued eventually, and that stock was limited. Now Apple has removed it from their online store and it’s no longer available to purchase, unless you opt for a factory refurbished unit which are also limited stock and will be sold out shortly at the time of this article.

The iMac Pro was the top end of Apple’s all-in-one pc line up, with a higher spec than the entry level iMac, but not quite as robust as the full size Mac Pro desktop models.

If you’re shopping for an all-in-one pc, you can currently still purchase the base model iMac in 21.5″ and 27″ version, and upgrade it with enough options to come close to the iMac Pro, but you might want to wait for a while to see what the iMac Pro is replaced with.

Rumors have circulated that Apple might upgrade the next gen of iMac Pro with the next iteration of their powerful ARM-based chipset and could possibly be available towards the end of 2021. If these rumors turn out to be accurate, that would be worth waiting for if you’re looking for a high powered top of the line all-in-one setup.