The Corsair One series now supports the powerful NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti

Following up on its promise to deliver gaming-oriented experiences to its fans, Corsair’s One line of computers has now received a boost for the most hard-core gamers, now offering top-of-the-line GPUs at reasonable cost for a pre-configured gaming desktop.

The company had announced on August 3, that it will be outfitted with the GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080Ti GPUs. The variants will be part of multiple configurations that include faster M.2 NVMe SSDs as well. In total, there are seven configurations to choose from with prices ranging from $1,800 to $2,900. Being a completely Corsair branded offering, all of the parts of the desktop including the power supplies, are going to be the company’s own makes. Even the memory being used in the desktops will be the company’s own Vengeance LPX DDR4 sticks. The specialty of these sticks is that they offer a heat-spreader to dissipate the rising temperatures which are made of aluminium, since they are made for over-clocking as well. The memory variants come in two kits – with a 16GB kit running at 2,400MHz costing $170 and a 32GB kit that will cost about $300.

Corsair desktops have been good performers in their own right, offering capable VR capabilities and the addition of more powerful GPUs offers better scope for gaming. Corsair has made Vanilla configuration available as well as Pro configurations that start max out with 32GB of RAM and include the GTX 1080Ti. One particular discrepancy that has been pointed out, however, is that Corsair’s power supply kits are not particularly ideal for supplying power to these wattage-hungry GPUs. NVIDIA recommends using 600-watt power supplies for the 1080Ti and 500-watt power for the GTX 1080. Instead, Corsair offers 400-watt and 500-watt options only. Perhaps Corsair have somehow reduced certain performance aspects of the GPUs in order to be more accommodating to the power supplies included.

The Corsair One Pro will be the flagship model to watch out for, which will feature liquid cooled dual-loop technology that has been invented by the company along with the Core i7 7700K processing chip. Corsair has also added that users will be able to upgrade their memory and storage modules without voiding the warranty of the system. The Corsair One series now offers a complete gaming enthusiast-grade desktop made completely in-house, being one of the few companies to go all out with their performance machines. The PC is however, not as customizable as the HP Omen desktop computers but still offers the right kind of power at the right price.