Turn Your Smartphone Into A Navi-Driving Display!

Posted By Josh Mott

Advanced navigation-display provides the ultimate fix for distracted drivers!

Have you ever glanced down at your phone while driving? Checking to make sure you don’t miss your next turn? If you are like most Americans, the answer is probably yes. Statistics say that it only takes 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur. That’s pretty scary to think about.

But, what if…

You could use your phone to safely navigate your route while continuing to focus on the road in front of you? Just imagine being able to see your GPS location, your next street exit or traffic conditions miles ahead… All without reaching for your phone or ever taking your eyes off of the road.

Well thanks to VIZR now you can!

What Is VIZR?

VIZR is an ingenious new device that transforms your smartphone into a Heads-Up Display. By doing this VIZR turns what could be a potentially fatal distraction in your hands to something that makes your drive a much safer experience. The truth is driving is dangerous enough and when you add distractions to the mix, things can get a whole lot worse.

Distracted drivers in 2015 alone… KILLED 3,477 people & INJURED more than 391,000 other people!

This is a staggering number and the sad part is all of these deaths stem from a cause that is completely avoidable. Installing VIZR in your vehicle is one of the most meaningful ways to protect you and your loved ones when on the road.

How Does It Work?

With no wires or complicated installation, Using VIZR is a breeze. Set up and go in just 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1 – Place VIZR on your dash
  • Step 2 – Download the FREE app
  • Step 3 – Enjoy safe, hands-free navigation

By placing your cell phone on the slip-free base (fits every phone regardless of shape or size) VIZR turns your smartphone into a transparent screen that can be viewed without breaking your concentration from the road.

Is It A Must Have Gadget?

Distracted drivers are everywhere and that makes keeping your eyes on the road that much more important. VIZR is simply the most affordable way to quickly add a level of protection for you and your family.  Unlike other devices VIZR

  • Provides hassle-free setup right out of the box – setup takes seconds!
  • Can be used in any car or truck- Also fits any size phone
  • Works day or night –  rain or shine!
  • Works with any App that has HUD mode – navigation features are limitless!

… And the best part is VIZR will never become obsolete or outdated because of the new 2.0 version or some software update! If you have a smartphone and a VIZR, you’ll always be able to drive safer… today, next year or 10 years from now!

How Much Is It?

Less than a tank of gas! That’s right, while most HUD devices can cost hundreds of dollars, VIZR is currently available for less than $40. At this price, it’s a technology that every car should have.

I’m Convinced But Where Can I Get One?

It’s easy, just click the following link and purchase directly from the company’s website.