This Brilliant Keychain That Feels Like A Secret Agent Gadget

Posted By Josh Mott

Every new keychain starts out with a few keys then quickly snowballs into the dreaded “janitor keychain” with dozens of keys that looks and feels messy. If you’re like most people you’ve probably wasted countless hours searching for and fumbling with your keys.

According to the “Lost & Found Survey” By Pixie, the average American spends almost 3 full days per year looking for lost items like keys.

There’s nothing worse than being ready to leave your home for work and then spending 20 minutes retracing your steps because you can’t find your car keys.

There’s a new gadget that aims to make your keychain “Smart”, helps better organize your keys, offers several useful tools, and has a building in tracking device so you never lose your keys again.

What Is It?

This new gadget is an innovative device called KeySmart. At we buy and test every device we review, and this is one of our favorites.

KeySmart easily transforms that bulky old key set into a sleek and compact “Smart Keychain” that slips right into your pocket, has a built-in bottle opener, USB drive, and fits up to 14 keys with a sleek design. 

KeySmarts design consolidates your once bulky keychain into a simple, smooth, and durable keychain that is both functional and looks awesome.

How Does It Work?

KeySmart can consolidate up to 14 keys into its compact and durable design. Its design is composed of two plates of aircraft grade aluminum, so you can rest assured durability isn’t an issue.

You won’t have to worry about your keys scratching your phone, wallet, or other items in your pockets. KeySmart’s design keeps those sharp edges guarded and makes handling your keys a real pleasure. You can also say goodbye to that jingling noise you get with standard keychains. KeySmart keeps your keys quiet.

What Else Can KeySmart Do?

In addition to consolidating your keychain, KeySmart has quite a few other surprising features, and add-ons.

Should I Get One?

Yes. KeySmart is one of our favorite gadgets that we’ve reviewed in 2018. We’re not surprised to hear that over 2 million Americans are already using KeySmart to simplify and organize their keychains.

The best part is that KeySmart is only $19!

You can buy KeySmart directly from their official website.