BlackBerry Motion mid-range smartphone with headphone jack leaked

BlackBerry may not be offering the same powerful smartphones as the mainstream manufacturers out there, but the company has been flowing to its own rhythm, bringing out unique handsets such as the KeyOne, which was unique in offering a hardware keyboard. Now, the company is rumored to be working on a follow up with another Android-based offering and some new leaks show a bit of what the phone will look like.

The images of the new, unnamed handset were revealed by Evan Blass on Twitter and show the front of the smartphone, which consists of the touchscreen display along with a home button with the BlackBerry insignia. While looking conventional, BlackBerry’s phone seems to have minimal bezels on the side, but the top and bottom of the display have thick and noticeable bezels. Evan Blass claims in his tweet that this smartphone is the BlackBerry Motion, whose codename earlier was Krypton.

Earlier showings of the device have indicated towards a carbon fibre back. It seems that BlackBerry’s newest offering is said to be the same KeyOne, minus the hardware keyboard. This means that the phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or 626, coupled with 4GB of RAM and 4,000mAh battery. While the specifications are mid-range, this is the best mid-range configuration worth the money, not to mention the large battery capacity as well. Based on the Motion’s own leaks, it seems that the phone will also come with a headphone jack, most likely keeping within buyers’ budgets.

The phone will feature a 1080p display and that it has already been approved by the FCC. While there is no guarantee that the phone will come with the specifications that it is rumoured to be sporting, it does seem likely that the direction BlackBerry will be taking with the Motion is of a budget-oriented offering. Based on the leaked images, the right side of the phone does show the volume buttons, the power button and what looks like a rugged-edged button/slider which could likely serve its own function such as setting profiles on the phone or even activating BlackBerry’s own assistant perhaps?

Nevertheless, the phone will promise a battery life of 26 hours and the same reliable secure software that BlackBerry is known for. It seems that the device will be launching sometime this month, but there is a possibility that the phone could be released in other markets before its official unveiling in the global market.