Apple’s new App Store for iOS now offers Editorial content, redesigned interface and curated apps

Apple has just released iOS 11 to iPhones and the company, based on its latest advertising campaign, wants users to be more thrilled about the new App Store than any other feature about the OS.

The company had released its new ads on Wednesday to highlight the new iOS 11. Some of the new ads urge the users to broaden their apps of choice, encouraging them to find their next favorite app.

Apple’s main intention is to show how much easier and inviting the new App Store has become. Essentially, Apple wants users of the App Store to be more inquisitive and to start discovering more applications through iOS, which means that Apple would make more money, the more people use their App Store.

Mac Rumours reports that apart from the first video, Apple have also released subsequent shorter versions of the videos that highlight the “Today” section that showcases handpicked apps on a daily basis. Apple is also emphasizing on the App Store since the company wants to remove the App store from iTunes and the desktop.

Apple wants to make the App Store available only on iOS devices. While the company has removed the ads from its official YouTube channel, that has not stopped the internet from buzzing about the uncharacteristic approach that the company has taken to publicly celebrate its App Store as being the most significant feature of its iOS 11.

Getting into the details,the App Store has received a significant update in design. Most importantly, apps of significance have been given more of a spotlight than other, less important apps found in the App Store. Games and apps have been separated into their own tabs now. Icons are bigger than before and so are the call to actions such as the purchase buttons, ratings, app rankings and the age rating.

There are also articles available on the App Store which offer full-fledged editorials. The Today tab mixture of all of these elements, closely curated by the team, along with videos, animations, screenshots and more. This new-age article publishing is unique to the platform, and may be imitated by Android in a later iteration of the OS, but considering the growing trends in application development and technology, the App Store on the iOS seems like a fitting put-stop for users to get their daily information needs. The App Store team will, from here on out, continue to offer fresh new content on a daily basis.