Apple watchOS 4 is here: Three things to know

Apple’s watchOS 4 is finally official. There are numerous features that the new update brings to Apple’s smartwatch. Apple is making the smartwatch more interactive and personal and adding a lot more information into the screen than before. Here are a 3 of the biggest changes to know about the new watchOS 4

New watch-faces
There are new watch faces to look out for this time around, most notably, the Siri watch face, which uses machine learning to track the routines of the user and display relevant complications according to the studied activities. The OS will study the usage of apps by the user and accordingly beam information on the user’s watch. Apart from Siri’s watch face, users will also have other aesthetic watch faces such as special Toy Story themed watch-faces that feature characters from the popular franchise. There is also a 70’s themed watch-face that has a kaleidoscopic view. For those who like customization and watch faces, they will have something to look forward to.

Activity app
There are a few notable improvements on the Activity app of the phone, most considerably, a host of improvements. The notifications from the app on the smartwatch will be more personalized notifications this time around, which will be based on the activities undergone and the goals that the user is trying to achieve. The app will now be more focused on motivating the user. Certain methods of tracking laps are also easily created such as, during swimming, users simply need to tap the edge of the pool in order to change to the next lap. For the more intermediate fitness enthusiasts, they will be able to also track high intensity interval training now. For those who are into triathlons, pentathlons and decathlons, the watchOS 4 will allow users to switch between the sports offered by swiping across the screen in the app, Users will also be able to sync the data collected from fitness tracking from the watch and pass it on to NFC-enabled gym gear by simply bringing the wearable next to the watch. This will provide greater tracking capabilities for the user.

Music app and general interface
The new music app will automatically detect Apple Music playlists, since multiple playlists are also supported. There are a few aesthetic changes, most strikingly are the new album art windows that now show redesigned album art. Apple has also gone ahead and redesigned the dock of the watchOS now, and users can now vertically scroll through the apps. Using the dial on the side, users will also be able to throw the apps and have them scrambled through the screen. A new flashlight feature is also introduced in the Control Centre that will allow for users to use it as an emergency flasher.