Apple iPhone X pre-orders begin: Here are the standout features

The iPhone X pre-sales were underway just a day ago and within minutes, Apple’s latest flagship has been sold out, for the few lucky who could shell out that $1000+ premium. The anniversary edition of the iPhone might have set the bar for all future smartphones, and here are the four biggest highlights for those who are missing out.

That OLED screen
The new OLED panel on the iPhone X has been christened the Super Retina Display. It measures 5.8-inches and will come at a resolution of 2,436×1,125 pixels. Apple has added some extra touches to the OLED panel to rectify common problems that the technology is known for creating. Hence, we can certainly say that there won’t be any issue like Google’s Pixel 2XL is currently facing. The iPhone’s X’s display will also be capable of display high quality HDR10 content and Dolby Vision or high contrast playback. A new adjustment feature is also present, called the TrueTone dynamic white-balance adjustment that was first found on the iPad 10 Pro and the iPhone 8 models as well. Of course, it would be difficult to avoid how the screen takes up the entire front of the phone, making only the notch up-top being the only part of the phone to house the plethora of sensors and the ear-piece

The camera on the iPhone X is arranged vertically rather than horizontally, as seen on the iPhone 8 and other various smartphones currently available. The differences lie on the inside as well, as both camera lenses on the back feature optical image stabilization, offering much better low light images and video on either lens, along with better focusing for those portrait shots.

Face ID
Apple has again taken the liberty of showing courage by omitting the fingerprint scanner and now opting or just a facial recognition system, using depth scanning cameras on the front of the phone, via the notch on the top. As advertised, the phone will take just a second to recognize the user and unlock, despite any physical changes that may take place. Whether it will be appreciated that people will get to unlock the phone if someone else pointed the phone in the user’s direction. Nevertheless, the impressive hardware also makes use of the face scanning methods to add fun to emojis, creating Animoji, exclusive to iMessage.

This iPhone is unlike any other iPhone on the market currently, mostly because the company has made do without the Home button, using only gestures instead, to roam around the user interface. The process more intuitive and swiping up, double-tapping as well as pressing the multi-function side button will be the new modes of function in the iPhone X. It is still an iPhone, but with a more refreshed interactive surface.