Apple hints at imminent iPhone 8 launch in September

While some rumors floating have maintained that the new iPhone may not be announced in September, owing to numerous manufacturing delays, there has been word from the horse’s mouth, ie., Tim Cook in terms of confirmation of the phone’s eventual launch.

As far as delays are concerned, it seems that Apple may not delay the launch of the iPhone 8 at all as Tim Cook himself indirectly when he mentioned the forecast for the next quarter of the company’s recent earnings. He stated that there will be strong sales and earnings made for the new quarter, suggesting an optimistic valuation at the end of the term. The company has evaluated that it will make anywhere between $49 billion and $52 billion this quarter, which is much higher than the previous quarter.

According to CNBC however, UBS fails to agree with the news, citing that owing to shortages in the iPhone 8’s display numbers which are OLED units, the delay will cause the iPhone 8’s eventual release to be pushed ahead. One particular piece of information from Apple’s quarterly results do seem to bear an inclination towards Apple’s side, since the company’s margin guidance has shown to be lighter than its revenue guidance, which suggests that the company is about to reveal something expensive during the month of September. It could either be the iPhone 8 or the 7s models or perhaps even the HomePod if it gets pushed earlier enough.

Some section of the media is confident that he iPhone 8 will be revealed on time and will be shipped in September due to the strong quarterly performance and forecast, hinting that the company is expecting the iPhone 8 to impact the revenue stream in a big way, else there would not be any other justification for the high number.

One of the reports for reference suggested that Apple will have anywhere between 3 million to 4 million iPhone 8 units ready for a September launch and while it may not be enough to quell the demand of buyers but it will be enough to add an extra $3 billion to $4 billion in revenue for the quarter. This is excluding the sales of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus that is also to be launched alongside the iPhone 8. This will only be possible if the company meets the selling criteria for the iPhone 8 in order charge for pre-orders so that the iPhone 8 may be availed by customers.

In any event, something big is coming in September, and Apple, if not anyone else, knows what it is.