Apple hardware on upcoming MacBook could do the trick

The new iPhone will not be the only device Apple will be unveiling this year, there will also be a bunch of iMacs and MacBooks to hit the shelves. The hardware should bring together the results of the rumours that were surfacing around the new MacBooks.

It was expected that the MacBook Air will be replaced with the regular MacBook after last year’s launch. But seeing as there is an SE variant of the iPhone, another MacBook Air is rumoured to be making a comeback and cement itself as the alternative.

Apple's new MacBook Pro is reported to be coming in October.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is reported to be coming in October.

Remember the OLED display that everyone was going crazy about that would replace the Function keys? Well it’s a very real feature coming on the next MacBook Pro and it’s called the ‘Dynamic Function Row’, according to Apple’s internal team.

It will also receive a much flatter keyboard compared to the earlier models. The new MacBook Air should also be getting USB-C ports while the iMac will be carrying AMD’s latest and greatest graphics processor which may or may not be able to endure intensive gaming, but one has to wait to find out as Macs aren’t exactly gaming PCs.

There is also news that Apple may well be dropping the much acclaimed Thunderbolt display on its systems in exchange for a newer high-res monitor developed by LG. And the monitor will reportedly feature a 5K resolution, so although the technology behind it hasn’t been revealed yet, it promises to be a rich, colourful and crisp visual experience for viewers.

October is going to be a big month for Apple if it wants to deliver on all of its promises. With a new Surface 2 being released, the MacBooks will already have something to compete with. Although there hasn’t been much news about whether Apple will feature touch screens, it doesn’t seem that they will give in to that trend just yet.

And with GPUs becoming increasingly cheaper and powerful on PCs, such as the Nvidia’s 10 series, it remains unclear as to whether the new AMD processor will be able to compete with that and if it can even be used for gaming – something which Apple has been lagging far behind since its conception of its systems.

With just a couple of months left to go, and with Apple’s invite to the event giving absolutely no hints as to what one can expect, the floor remains open. But one thing’s for sure – people buying the latest Apple of what Apple has to offer, should be prepared with pretty deep wallets.