Android O official update coming next week, first to Pixel devices

Android has not had a very consistent history of updating its software for all phones like Windows or the iOS platforms do. Nevertheless, the next iteration of the most popular mobile operating system that less than handful of devices currently in the market will be able to support might just be releasing next week.

It is about time that the developer beta builds which is currently in its fourth stage of testing now end, as it has been going on for quite some time and eager early-adopters have had a taste of what Android O can bring to their Pixel and Nexus devices. While it may seem certain that the update will arrive within a week, the exact date or the naming of the update is still a mystery.

Due to the extensive testing from the developer edition of the update, most of the bugs have been found out, indicating that the final version of the build should be ready by next week at the least. As expected, the update will be first rolled out to the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL, and the devices will benefit from the new features introduced in the update such as Project Trebble, Autofill, and the absence of blob emoji.

One of the rumors circulating around the internet is that among the names kept under consideration, Oatmeal Cookie seems to be one of the more popular choices by the company, but as of now, the name is still just under speculation. Oreo has been the most talked about name for most users who would like the next iteration of Android to be named, but it seems that Google may be going with their own choice rather than succumb to popular demand.

The release pattern for last year’s Android Nougat also fell on August 22. So, it is highly likely that Google may adhere to the time schedule and release Android O around the same time as well. Even David Ruddock, who is the managing editor of Android Police has tweeted about the update, confident that it will reach the latest Pixel devices by next week.

In any event, whether the update releases on time or not, manufacturers will have to scramble to race ahead their competitors and update existing smartphones that are still on Nougat. Considering the current trend in Android updates being implemented, it does not seem likely that there will be a uniform update roll out this time as well, as it is manufacture-dependent.