Android beats Windows as most used OS, but only by a few decimal points

Microsoft has long held the number one spot in the world for being the earth’s most favourite OS to use. As the facts stand, Android has beaten the king, but only by a very short margin.

According to The Next Web’s interaction with StatCounter, who had conducted the research, it was reported that around 37.91 percent of the OS market share in the world was taken over by Microsoft, while 37.93 percent of the market share was taken over by Android. StatCounter had taken a sample from over 15 billion page views in a month, gauging those views based on over three million websites online. By tracking which OSes were being used to access these websites, StatCounter played the numbers.

This means that this is the first time that Microsoft has fallen from the first place ever since the 1980s. When Android had first come out, in 2012, it had only occupied around 2.4 percent of the markets share. In a span of around just five years, the Operating System has managed to outdo its competition in usage, even it is only a matter of decimal numbers more. But Android fans need not rejoice immediately.

Microsoft still dominates internet usage among devices with 84 percent of internet being accessed by Microsoft products as of March, 2017. Android will have to work a little harder to match that level of loyalty that Microsoft fans have. The reason why OS dominance is led by Android is mostly because of the shift from content being played mostly on portable devices like smartphones and tablets as opposed to PCs. More users are interested in accessing content via their smartphones. Android, having great penetration rates across all markets, easily emerges as a favourite for users.

Just about five years ago, Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer in the browser wars, now being a favourite among web surfers. From this, we can see that Android has had its eye on toppling Microsoft’s standing from the very beginning. And this is only a start. With Chrome OS-enabled devices being in plenty and featuring some pretty cool functions, it won’t be long before it becomes one of the most used OS in the future.