Amazon Echo Look: 4 things you need to know about Amazon’s fashion camera

Amazon’s Echo Look is a very niche entrant into the Echo eco-system. The Echo Look is meant for only one thing – and that is to ensure that fashionistas are looking glamorous with their outfits and also help in capturing that perfect #ootd look. It does not quite fit the bill in terms of pricing for such a limited purpose, but there will perhaps be a market for this product. Here are four things to know about the new Echo Look.

1) It will make Amazon a lot of money

Now, the Echo Look could perhaps be an ingenious product in terms of marketing strategy. The company is aware of the fact that many users are conscious about their outfit choices and that they need a certain level confidence in order to head out looking their best. The Echo Look not only takes the perfect shot of the dress, but also “suggests” certain matching outfits online (from Amazon of course) that the user can use to pair with.  If our guess is right, Amazon really wants people to know about their clothes department. Essentially, the Echo Look will come with a Style Check service that uses AI and Alexa in order to check whether the outfit that the person is wearing, matches. Buyers will probably have to be prepared for being “suggested” quite a few things for their outfits in that case.

2) It works like an Echo

The Echo Look is basically a stripped-down version of the Echo and comes with its own mic, LED light as well as base mount for users to attach it to the wall or leave it standing on its own. Apart from being a fashion assistant, the Echo Look can also give news updates, traffic updates as well as play music. The device will also be updated with further skills by Amazon. In fact, it can replace the Amazon Echo entirely, being able to also control other smart home devices as well.

3) It’s supposed to have a great camera

The camera on the Echo Look can take photos and videos of the wearer. The camera unit has a depth sensor as well that can blur the background for ensuring that bedroom mess is blurred in the background. If it’s placed right, the camera can take full-length shots of the user whenever the user asks the Echo Look to take a snapshot. The device also comes with its own companion app to tinker options and settings over. In the app, the pictures taken, will be transferred to the phone where in different wardrobes can be compared to each other for users to decide each look in a side-by-side comparison.

4) It’s very exclusive, for now

The Echo Look is currently not available to everyone. The device is only available as per an invite basis from Amazon. Most probably the fashion influencers will be among the first to have it. For the hopefuls, potential buyers can sign up to request to purchase one of these devices, though there is no guaranteeing that they will be fulfilled. For those lucky enough, the device will cost $200.

While the Echo Look may be a promising buy for some, it will also spike a lot of security concerns as well. Echo and Google Home respectively, are fairly new products on the market that have AI and software in-built, but nothing really known of security has ever been mentioned with such convincing detail. Should the servers connected to these devices be hacked or compromised, Amazon will probably not be able to ‘look’ the other way.