Amazon adds the convenience of Alexa in new Amazon Music app update

Amazon has just taken a big step with Alexa, now integrating the AI with its music streaming service. While most mobiles usually need the Alexa app to function, Amazon will be baking Alexa right into their music streaming service, Amazon Music, making it accessible by anyone with either Android or iOS devices.

According to a report from CNet, the feature will be launched in the UK, US, Germany and Austria. The Amazon Music app will allow for users to access its 40 million songs compilation that will be a competitor to Spotify, Apple Music and others as well.

What will set apart this streaming service from its competitors is that Alexa will allow for users to search for their music by voice, offering a more intuitive and organic interface so that the phone does not need to be fidgeted with for navigation through the app. Alexa’s understanding of natural language will largely help different kinds of users to use the service and adapt to their styles of talking. Users can ask Alexa to play the newest song by a band, or even imitate a song that they like, but do not know the name, Alexa will use its algorithms to understand what the user is saying.

Amazon Music has a special Alexa button that on the app’s updated interface that users will need to tap and they can voice out their command. Alexa can also make playlists based on the user’s preferences, for example, road trips, exercises and so on. The new move by Amazon will be a push to invite new customers curious about Alexa and sign up to the new streaming service.

The company’s larger goal here is to provide an idea to new users of the possibilities of Alexa and to those who have not purchased an Echo speaker yet. The feature is now available on the latest update of Amazon Music on iOS and Android. Amazon also recently added Alexa to the company’s main shopping app for both mobile platforms. While it will only be a portion of the entire dearth of features that Alexa is capable of offering, the integration should do its job well for those who are looking to add better customizability to their Amazon app.

Alexa is increasing its reach onto more devices, farther than Google Assistant and Siri are, with this new approach, meaning that the competition will likely get heated in the coming weeks with each platform offerings newer features.