Adobe’s Sensei AI can turn bad selfies into professional works of art

A treat for selfie enthusiasts, Adobe Sensei is the dream tool that could potentially up anyone’s selfie game in a matter of seconds.

Although there are numerous other apps on offer with the same effect, Adobe’s provides a more authentic approach to altering and enhancing selfies with their proprietary app powered by Adobe Sensei. The app makes selfies look more professional by using certain algorithms and filters to highlight the portrait, all thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

The app can literally fix any bad selfie by changing the depth of field or even the angle of the face. If users want, they will get to mimic the exact style of an external photo source so that Adobe Sensei can emulate that onto their existing selfie. Adobe recently released a video of an unknown app of theirs that uses the Adobe Sensei AI and shows features such as blurring out the background for depth of field as well as adding different kinds of filters and effects.

This is not the first time that Adobe Sensei has been showcased by the company. In fact, people will remember it from last year’s MAX convention in which Adobe wowed the audience with previews of their up and coming products. The company has associated itself with Cornell University in order to create a program that can track the colour in a photo and manipulate its lighting, contrast and other such features to make the photo look better. In fact, there is already a source code in place that Sensei is based off, which is the “Deep Photo Style Transfer” app, available on Github.

Adobe seems to want to bring this concept app out to masses, considering the video that the company had released showing a demonstration of the software, showed various tuning sliders and automatic adjustment modes that users can take advantage of. Based on how the interface appears to look, it seems like Adobe might be on the verge of releasing this new product any time now. The company has always been forward-thinking on their mobile app development and have been more than happy to port a ton desktop-grade features onto their smartphone apps as well, so it would not be surprising to see that Adobe Sensei be part of Photoshop tools as well as in its own app for various other functions and roles in photo-enhancement.