Adobe introduces a slew of new updates for its Lightroom apps, including AI integration

Adobe had recently released its updated 2018 edition of its entire software suite through Creative Cloud. Now, it’s time for the company’s Lightroom series to also benefit from a new update that offers users what they want with intelligent settings and the introduction of AI-based configurations.

The new updates will be implemented on the Lightroom ecosystem, namely the Lightroom CC, Classic CC and the mobile app of Lightroom uniformly. What all the three apps have in common is that they will be receiving the new ‘Auto Settings’ feature which utilizes Adobe’s Sensei artificial intelligence technology and is supposed to provide better improved photos every time it is used. The machine learning tool will help in analysing the photo and understanding the composition and lighting as well as other facets of the photo to help adjust and improve the quality. Apart from that, the other new settings differ with the platform.

Lightroom CC for Desktop

There is now a new Tone Curve that allows photographers to have complete control over the lighting of their photos. It includes Parametric Curve or Point Curve for changing the tones and the contrasting features respectively. There is also split toning that lets users apply selected tints to highlights and shadows on the photos. Users will also now get to change the time that the photo was shot and update the right timing in the case of compensating for Daylight savings or any other time zone discrepancies. Lightroom has also introduced a new full screen view for users to have a closer look at their photos and have a much more immersive experience while editing their photos.

On Lightroom Classic CC, the new update also includes a more refined Color Range Masking tool to make it easier for users to “remove individual sample points”


In accordance with Android Nougat’s new shortcut features, users can now tap and hold the icon in order to launch different modes on the app. There is also now better emphasis on storage as well, giving users better control of how they want to store their photos.


For the iOS version of Lightroom CC, you can now add watermarks to your photos while exporting them. This involves custom based watermarks as well and the app has also managed to improve the quality of HDR images when captured.

While all the apps get the update, even those still running Lightroom 6 perpetually will be receiving a new update with better camera support on December 19. Unfortunately, the same version will not be receiving any more updates after 2017.