Add an Android phone to the back of your iPhone with ESTI’s Eye

Yes, you heard it right. Add an android phone, 256 GB storage, 5” AMOLED screen and even more to the back of your iPhone with Eye, the cool new case from ETSI that’s already being the talk of the town.

The Kickstarter project has garnered over $100,000 when it was originally pledged for $95000. But it’s only predictable when something as cool as the Eye pops out on a crowdfunding platform, more people are going to want. And want it badly. Let’s dig deeper to see what Eye holds in store for the unsuspecting iPhone user.


Eye is an ultra thin case you can just latch onto your iPhone to turn that sleek back of your iPhone to something more smarter – an Android phone running at full swing! What’s more is that ESTI has given attention to not kill the features that iPhone users love about their phone, which means, with ETSI, you get the best of both worlds! Eye also adds the following features to your iPhone:

Android Nougat 7.1: Run the all new Android on your iPhone that is powered by Eye’s own chipset designed for a bug-free Android experience.

2800mAh Battery: Two phones running on one battery could be a problem. But thanks to the generous battery onboard Eye, your iPhone is effectively put on standby when you’re using the Eye.

2 SIM slots: Enjoy 2X connectivity by adding two extra sim cards. The slots support sim cards that could run up to speeds of 300Mbps.

NFC: Don’t restrain the NFC capabilities of your iPhone to just Apple Pay. Get the real deal with Eye, and share files or pair with other NFC-enabled devices.

Infrared Blaster: Turn your iPhone into a remote control for your AC, TV, stereo, Xbox, and what-not using the IR blaster and receiver aboard the Eye.

5mm Headphone Jack: A 3.5mm can come real handy to those who like good’ol headphones and the feel of it. Eye plays the music from the Android and boasts of superior quality audio.

Best Selfies: Vlogging and selfies have found new life with this case. Eye mirrors the camera display as you record a video using the iPhone’s camera, effectively turning your iPhone’s primary camera into a secondary camera.

Wireless Charging: A great add-on to your iPhone.

ESTI’s Eye is a brilliant way for iPhone users to get more out of their device without messing up any of its features. The Kickstarter project promises a triple boot with Ubuntu and Windows 10 if it reaches the goal of $15,000,000. Now, there’s a lot of zeroes but, looking at the popularity Eye is gaining, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.