Acer Spin 5 update brings new 8th Gen Intel processors, along with GTX 1050

Along with an unreasonably powered gaming PC, Acer did have some relatively reasonable products on offer at the IFA today, with the most productivity-filled one being the new Acer Spin 5.

The Spin 5 will be one of the cheaper offerings from Acer this year, delivering both in form and function. The company has improved over the last iteration of the Spin, now featuring the latest 8th generation Intel processors to the mix. The laptops will be available in either 13-inch or 15-inch sizes and will be one of the more capable and impressive offerings in the convertible segment of laptops. The company has not only improved on the device’s CPU but has also bumped up the GPU to a considerable and more acceptable card that would be enough for production and graphic-intensive gaming as well.

Liliputing reports that the new Spin 5 13-inch model will weigh 3.3 pounds and will measure 0.6 inches in thickness. The company boasts a battery that will last for 13 hours straight on a single charge and will also come with up to 16GB of RAM. To add to the productivity, the screen will also be compatible with the Acer Active Stylus. It will feature the new Core i7-8550U processor and the larger 15-inch model will also be able to support the NVIDIA GeForce 1050 GPU along with up to 512GB SSD storage via PCIe. The Spin 5 is meant primarily for daily use and will be able to squeeze through any mundane as well as stressing tasks for computing.

The company’s press release also states that the device will feature biometric technology for security, being compatible with Windows Hello. The new 8th generation Intel processors are supposedly going to offer 40% of a performance boost over the last generation. Other bells and whistles of the product include the proprietary ExoAmp antenna that adjusts with the position of the Spin’s orientation to receive the best possible signal strength.

The laptop will feature Dolby Audio Premium along with Acer’s own TrueHarmony audio technology being pushed through two front-facing speakers. The device also features four array microphones that allow voice to be heard from the user as far four metres away. For voice recognition apps such as Cortana, this will be a helpful addition. Both the 13-inch and the 15-inch models will start at $799. It will be available for sale sometime during September.