For $599, Samsung releases a killer new Tab S3 with all the bells and whistles

Samsung has upgraded its line of Galaxy Tabs with its newest addition, the Galaxy Tab S3. The new 9.7-inch iPad competitor was launched recently in Singapore and comes with a high-resolution screen, glass finish and fast charging to boot. Samsung feeding towards a segment that has long been abandoned by numerous other manufacturers due to lack of interest from the consumer perspective.

The tablet will feature 4GB of RAM and also a Snapdragon 820 processor

This time around, the Tab S3 has become heavier than previous iterations. The screen is the same Super AMOLED SXGA resolution display with an added HDR mode, which should be a good incentive for those who opt for this device. Viewing Netflix on this screen will be a treat. On the sound front, Samsung has fitted quad speakers this time around, produced by AKG. Samsung are not holding out any punches and seeing that Apple has just released their newest iPad, the Tab S3 will look to take its spot when considering which to buy.

Another deal-maker for the device is the inclusion of an S Pen stylus with up to 4000 levels of sensitivity for those illustrating enthusiasts as well for those who just like scribbling and using a pen-based interface. On the inside, the tablet will feature 4GB of RAM and also a Snapdragon 820 processor, which Samsung has confirmed, will be 57 percent faster than its predecessor.

What further helps the case of the Tab S3 is its monster battery at 6,000mAh, which can last as long as up to 12 hours, but real-time usage will be the judge of that. Internal storage is capped at 32GB and we’re guessing it will also come with expandable storage. The optics have also received a facelift, now with the Tab coming with a 5MP front-facing camera and a 13MP rear-camera. There is also a separately sold keyboard that the Tab is compatible with that does not have backlighting or a trackpad, but will set back buyers by $130.

The tablet thus aims at being one for the luxuriously inclined, seeing as it has features that extend well beyond the regular realm of tablets that we have grown accustomed to seeing. With a price tag of $599, it will be very hard for a majority of consumers to consider this tablet to purchase, especially when people today do not buy tablets at all. Also, seeing as the tablet has a more iPad-like screen orientation, movies and videos will probably be doomed to fit between letterboxes. Not that it is a bad feature, but that screen real-estate of Super AMOLED goodness goes to waste when watching a movie or a series. The company could have made it slightly narrower, but for productivity, the screen has its merits. Nougat’s multi-tasking abilities and power management will shine throughout the light interface of Samsung’s TouchWiz.

Will Samsung make a comeback in the tablet segment with the Tab S3? Perhaps the next big sale on the device will answer that question.