Ingenious Gadget Wirelessly Charges & Boosts Your Phones Performance

Posted By Josh Mott

If you’re like me, you have probably gone through countless charger cables.  It never feels like you are damaging them but through constant plugging and unplugging that cable becomes frayed quickly and before you know it you are shelling out money for a new one. 

It’s time to cut the cord…. Literally!

With EnergixCharge you’ll never have to fiddle with cords again.  Just put your phone down to charge and pick it back up when you’re ready to go. It makes the perfect partner for any desk or nightstand.

What Is It?

EnergixCharge is a sleek ultra-thin wireless charging pad that also comes with an adaptor that you can use for any of your devices that are not wireless charge capable.  The adaptor is so super thin that it can fit underneath any case. Once the adaptor is attached your phone is instantly transformed into a wireless charging device. Energix also works with all major phone models including Apple, Android, LG, HTC, and Motorola.

Enjoy the convenience of clutter-free wireless charging immediately. Share the wireless charging pad between multiple devices without switching out chargers or having a countless number of plugs in walls all over your house. Simply pick your phone up and put the other device or phone down on the pad. No more charging with old frayed, frustrating wires.

That’s Not All

What’s even more impressive is that while delivering a wireless charge most phones will see a massive improvement in battery life, data streaming, and overall performance.

The truth is major phone companies purposefully slow down old phones in an attempt to push consumers to upgrade to newer devices. This has been documented by a Harvard study, as well as major publications such as CNN, CNET, NBC, and even Apple themselves!

So, if your phone has started to slow down or you’ve noticed its battery is dying much faster than normal you need to try Energix Charge today. This little device could save you from spending hundreds on an unnecessary upgrade.

Sound To Good To Be True?

That’s what I thought too, so I decided to put it to the test on an old iPhone (not wireless charge capable) that had started to lose its charge and slow down to a crawl. This is what happened…

I ordered the EnergixCharge and it arrived in under 1 week. I opened up the box and pulled out the adapter and charger, along with detailed instructions. 

I then attached the adapter to the back of my phone, put my phone case back on and plugged in the charging pad. When I set my phone down it was at about 25% battery. It immediately displayed the charging icon! My old iPhone was wirelessly charging!

I left the phone to charge and came back ~20 minutes later to find it had completed the charge. This was way faster than my old plug. Now it was time for the test:

As you can see the charger worked as advertised not only did it turn the old iPhone into a wirelessly chargeable device but it also boosted it’s battery life and speed.

So before you upgrade your old phone due to a weak battery or slow data speed, do yourself a favor and try EnergixCharge today. With Energix’s satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.  If it doesn’t work just send it back, no questions asked.

I’m Convinced, How To Order?

It’s easy, just click the following link and purchase directly from the company’s website.