Will we be seeing the release of the PlayStation 5 this year?

The Nintendo Switch has become quite a phenomenon since its launch, the Xbox Project Scorpio is soon to materialize and with the PlayStation, nothing has been set in stone for the future, just yet.

Reports indicate that the PlayStation 5 could be out as soon as later this year. Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, who was the first to report on the release of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, originally made the claim. And considering his previous accurate predictions, this one seems to be quite promising. Also, keeping in mind that Microsoft’s future plans for the Xbox is being kept tight under the scanner, it would be a good move for Sony to keep things under sheets for now in order to stop being hounded by speculations and rumor officers.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, while being one of the best systems right now on the market, hasn’t really set any kind of records compared to its predecessors. The next iteration might come as soon as the next half of 2017. While 4K was the prime focus of the Pro, this time around, we are expecting for the PlayStation 5 to delve more into Mixed reality features, while still keeping the TV a significant part of the whole experience. The Switch is everything – a hand-held and a console, with its own propensity to play multiplayer games. Where innovation plays to Nintendo’s strengths, power and titles are what play to Microsoft’s and Sony’s.

According to Forbes, it would be unwise for Sony to make the move to release a new console right now. Most probably because the PlayStation 4 Pro was just recently announced and if the company releases another new model, it would mean that their fans have paid for a console with just a shelf life of 2 years, especially when Sony had claimed that the PlayStation 4 Pro would be the best possible way to experience the latest technology. With the advent of the PS5, that claim seems to be a little watered-down now. This also means that the next generation PlayStation 5 will have to come with a much more significantly powered system than the 4 Pro. Sony will have some explaining to do.

Although it may just be a rumour that Sony is working on a new console, it is one backed by an analyst that has a proven track-record in the past. Considering the proximity of the release of the PS4 Pro to be not more than 6 months ago, it seems highly unlikely right now for Sony to be making a brand-new console, logically. The company itself has not announced anything yet, and Project Scorpio will be released at this year’s E3. So, it seems highly unconvincing that we might see a new PlayStation. But then again, Sony could surprise us all of a sudden, who knows?


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