Will Apple’s Ipad Pro Replace Your Computer?

Apple recently released the all new updated Ipad Pro with the bold headline “Your next computer is not a computer.”

More and more average users are switching away from bulky cluttered desktop setups and trying to find a more versatile, simple, and portable solution.

The previous solution was to invest in a laptop for portability, and in theory it sounds great. The power of a full desktop PC but with mobility.

However many find they end up simply using a tablet device when they want to lounge on the couch or go to the coffee shop because it’s just much easier to be mobile with. No heavy power bricks to carry, no big laptop bag. A tablet ends up being much more portable because of it’s intermediate size and ease of use.

The one drawback to tablets was that they weren’t quite as powerful or fast enough to do all work related tasks that many users need.

So they end up with a tablet AND a laptop, and then dealing with the hassle of keeping everything in sync.

Apple has taken note and is taking strides to make tablets just as fast and powerful as competing laptops so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

This newest generation of iPad Pro comes in both an 11″ and 12.9″ screen, and features all the gadgets and cool tech that you love about the best tablets, combined with the speed and power of a comparable laptop computer.

The new devices feature Retina displays, Pro level cameras, ultra precise touch sensitivity, pencil accessories, and now even highly portable yet comfortable to use Magic keyboard (that holds the iPad as if it was floating!) and trackpad.

Featuring a powerful 8-core processor Apple says the new iPad Pro is faster than most PC laptops and has the muscle to smoothly run all your favorite apps, even 4k video editing.

Could the iPad Pro be your next computer? That will be up to you to decide, but with this current round of upgrades Apple certainly makes a convincing argument to ditch your laptop and consolidate to one simple device for typical computer needs.


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