Upgrade to Mesh Wi-Fi for a Seamless Wireless Household

Phones, tablets, Smart TVs, CCTV security systems, automated lighting, automated heating/cooling control, and even robotic vacuum cleaners. More and more of our devices are relying on our home wireless network to connect to the internet these days.

While the benefits are extremely convenient with features like voice control, scheduled activation, and remote access from your mobile device, all these cool new devices need to connect to your home Wi-Fi and that can be problematic if you get poor signal in parts of your house.

Most homes these days just have a single combination modem/router that provides Wi-Fi or wired connection for your home. The downside is that the majority of them have very limited range and signal strength. Many times your devices experience slow connection or frequent disconnects when the signal isn’t strong enough.

A common solution was to install a wireless range extender that could boost the signal in an area of the house where you had poor connection strength.

Now there is a better solution.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are a whole new way that you can blanket your entire house in a strong, fast, seamless Wi-Fi network to handle all your devices.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi? These systems feature a main router that connects to your home’s modem, and remote “nodes” that communicate to the base router.

Sound’s kind of like multiple range extenders, right? Well the big difference is that unlike a range extender that only communicates directly to the router, in a Mesh Wi-Fi system the nodes can also each communicate to each other on a dedicated frequency, thereby boosting signal all over the house with the best possible signal strength. It’s a multi-point connection rather than a simple one-to-one connection like a range extender.

In addition to the multi-node communication, a Mesh Wi-Fi system is a seamless network meaning that it all uses the same SSID (the networks identification) and password. That means as your move through your home your wireless device will remain connected with the best possible signal strength no matter which node you are near. There’s no need to change to a different connection.

Another benefit to Mesh Wi-Fi systems is their ease of setup. While each manufacturer handles it a bit differently, they each feature user-friendly apps that help you set it up in just minutes and can even help you place each node for maximum coverage.

Many of them are also designed to be easy on the eyes and fit into your homes décor without being much of a distraction.

We’ve taken a look at several of the latest Mesh Wi-Fi systems and here are 3 of the best available that give your home all the benefits of a seamless wireless environment.

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus AC2200 Smart Home Mesh WiFi System

Featuring powerful tri-band technology and reaching speeds up to 2200mbps, the Deco M9 Plus system boasts more impressive features than most, and with just 2 nodes it can cover a home up to 4,500 sqft providing lag-free WiFi connection for over 100 devices.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

While it has slightly less techie features than the Deco M9 Plus, the Google Nest system features a sleek modern design, fast performance, incredible ease of use, and even has built-in voice control technology with Google Assistant.

XRM570 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router and Mesh WiFi System

If you have any gamers in your household, the XRM570 Nighthawk Pro is the system you want. It performs all the same wireless duties as the above systems but also includes features like DumaOS to minimize ping, reduce lag spikes, and game at top speeds from anywhere in your home.


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