Smart Security: Keep An Eye On Your Home From Your SmartPhone

You don’t need a snarling guard dog to keep an eye on your home and valuables when you’re away from home anymore.

Thanks to the huge popularity and advancements in “smart home” integration, all sorts of cool gadgets allow you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere at any time via your smartphone.

Unlike older generations of home security systems that require you to connect to a PC for video storage or an expensive monthly monitoring service, the new generation of smart home security systems are very affordable and connect directly to your wifi system and record live to the cloud.

Not only does this make modern home security systems much more affordable, but also it allows you to login from your smart phone to see live feeds from all of your security cameras at any time.

Whether it’s checking up on the babysitter, seeing who is at the front door, or keeping an eye on your new puppy when it’s home alone, the possibilities for these cloud based smart security systems are endless.

Some of these systems can even integrate with other cool gadgets like a smart home door lock (lock and unlock remotely) and home lighting control.

Here are some of the most interesting Smart home security systems we checked out:

Nest Cam IQ

Although it’s quite expensive, the Nest Cam IQ is packed with top of the line features to justify it’s price tag. Full 4k HDR recording, integration with all Nest gadgets, and it can easily differentiate between humans and animals. Recording your feeds does require a Nest subscription though.

Hive View

The supermodel of home cameras, the Hive View is definitely the best looking of the group. An interesting feature is that the camera head is also detachable. It records in full 1080p and can integrate with other Hive cameras and home gadgets.

Eufycam 2

The big selling features of the Eufycam2 is the 365-day battery life and no subscription fee needed. It’s also IP67 waterproof rated so no worries about mounting these outside. It also integrates with a range of other Eufy smart home gadgets.

Arlo Go

For outdoorsy types or people who travel often, the Arlo Go is a fully wireless portable option. It uses 4GLTE signal instead of wireless, so you can take it just about anywhere you get signal, which is a fair tradeoff for the 720p resolution.


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