Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors: Could feature dual-lens camera, screen as Galaxy S8 with 4K display

After rumors alleging the features that will come with the next Samsung flagship – the Note 8, new information reveals that the phone’s release is coming closer than what was initially thought.

Among the few features speculated to come on the Galaxy Note 8, it has been touted that the phone will feature the Infinity Display carried forward from the Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone will also come with Android 7.1.1 out of the box. This means that the phone will not come with Android O, which is set to release a little later in the year. This also means that the Note 8 might probably release before Samsung could have access to Android O. The phone was also tested on the Android Nougat platform as well.

In terms of build and display, as is the case with all generations of the Note line-up, it will follow a similar design language as that of the S line of Samsung, with the addition of a larger screen along with the much-loved S-Pen. It seems likely that the Note 8 will follow similar features as that of the S8. It could also be possible that the Note 8 could in fact be an S8 Plus with an S-Pen.

While the Note 7R is going to be released this month, fans will most probably be saving their money for the Note 8. The new Note 8 is also set to feature a display with the aspect ratio of 18.5:9. One of the more interesting questions that regarding what will make the Note 8 separate from the S8 is whether the phone will feature a fingerprint sensor within the display or whether there will even be any space to accommodate the S-Pen stylus at all. The new aspect ratio does hint that the home button on the new Note 8 will be absent in this iteration. The new information comes from a Dutch website, with no official confirmation of the same.

The new Note 8 might feature a dual-camera setup, which has strongly been rumored about. While there existed a prototype of the S8 featuring a dual-camera setup, that has been scraped from the final plans of the S8, but since the Note 8 still has time for release, the company may be looking to adding that feature into the phone. The rumors surrounding the Note 8 have also prompted the curiosity of noted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who believes that the Note 8’s potential dual-lens camera could produce better images than even the iPhone 7 Plus. Apart from these features, fans have been hoping that the company adds a 4K resolution to the display.

Other changes also may be debated, such as whether Samsung will withdraw the headphone jack, or whether the company will be able to increase the phone’s battery capacity from the last generation. For now, these rumors may well just be rumors since Samsung has had no plans of providing any possible confirmation of late.


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