OnePlus officially release image of OnePlus 5, uncanny resemblance to iPhone 7 Plus and Oppo R11

Amid a flurry of supposed leaks and renders, OnePlus has itself produced its own image of the OnePlus 5 which will reportedly be unveiled on June 20. Ever since the phone was first announced, there have been numerous iterations and supposed leaks of the device that were to have been released unofficially. OnePlus has made sure that if there was to be any anticipation for the device, the company itself would be the whistle-blower.

While it was already known that the theme of the OnePlus 5 would be revolving around having a better camera, the image produced by OnePlus supports that speculation with a dual-lens camera and an LED flash. The antenna bands are also shown in the image produced by OnePlus and it is apparent that the design language is closely similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. This clues loyal fans as to how the rest of the design of the phone could end up being. While earlier designs of the company set itself apart from the other manufacturers, the OnePlus 5 seems to be one that is more of a derived design.

Android Central feels that OnePlus may have looked closer to home than to Apple in terms of searching for inspiration with design, pointing out that Oppo and OnePlus share the same parent company – BBK Electricals. Oppo’s own R11 looks uncannily similar to the OnePlus 5, suggesting that even the camera could be the same module being used on Oppo’s flagship. There are many other similarities between the two brands as well, since Dash Charge was merely a different name for Oppo’s own VOOC fast charging technology. The Oppo R11 was unveiled earlier in China this week, but with not so similar internal specifications.

Apart from the phone’s external looks, the benchmarking of the phone has also been released, courtesy of Geekbench. The 8GB variant of the device was reportedly benchmarked. There are various listings on the benchmarking tool that suggest that a OnePlus 5 has been tested, and most of the scores that have been provided in the listings vary slightly. This could mean that the phone’s benchmarking and performance has been tweaked by the company and tested for better gauging of the performance aspect. There is speculation that the 8GB model may not be the only one in circulation once the phone is eventually released, and that there may be a 6GB variant in the works as well.


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