The Momo smart lamp has it all – motion sensors, camera, speaker and AI

After Speakers, it seems like lamps are the next big AI IoT devices that will be trending. After GE with its own AI-based smart lamp, Morpheus Team is making its own version that can do AI and also some added security features.

Morpheus Team’s new device, will be able to control smart devices from Nest, Philips Hue as well as few others. It will also be able to work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home for voice-assisted AI, but the Momo also has its own. The device itself, apart from these features, is crammed with a lot of other tech as well, including motion sensors and sensors that can detect smoke, CO2 and ones that can also check the temperature and humidity as well, as reported by Digital Trends.

The Momo also comes with microphones and speakers to interact with the AI. One of the unique features of the Momo is that it is completely independent and self-sufficient, meaning it is not cloud-based. Currently, the AI will be able receive voice commands, but it won’t be able to reply to them just yet. The lamp, using its AI, will learn the habits of the user through a period of time and then react accordingly. When the device has had an idea of the habits of the user, it will start its automation process that will be in sync with the user’s needs, for example, turning on the kitchen lights at a specific time or even kettle so long as there has been a habit developed by the user.

Another great feature that the lamp comes with is gesture control, which can be used to raise or lower the brightness of the LED bulb as well as change the colours. The lamp is also rotatable in order for the built-in camera to take surveillance of the area. Users can however, block it physically if they want to maintain their privacy.

The device is available on Kickstarter and will come with an early bird price tag of $279, after which it will retail for a whopping $700. For a smart lamp, that is big difference, coming from a crowdfunding campaign. Not much has been said about the lamp itself and whether it has similar functions as with GE’s offering, but it is an impressive piece of hardware, both in price (when it retails) and in features. For those who don’t mind the taking a leap of faith, the Momo will show them the light.


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