Is LG prepping G6 Plus and G6 Pro for launch in South Korea

One of the most proficient phones of the year, the LG G6 has proven itself to be a hit among fans thanks to its implementation of ergonomics and features. The phone, however, had very soon fallen under the shadow of the Samsung Galaxy S8, with its more premium and finished product. LG now, it seems, may just release alternative variants of the G6 in order to combat the overflow of inclination from the G6 to the S8.

A report from Korea has indicated that LG might be outing two new devices to be added to the G6 family – the G6 Pro and the G6 Plus. It may be the case the LG plans on releasing those two phones in South Korea as of now. The report does not indicate a specific date for the launch of the two phones, but it seems that the duo will be made available later in the month.

It has been touted that the LG G6 Plus will be the more premium offering by the brand which will feature wireless charging along with more storage space pegged at 128GB. This will make the phone cost as much as 1,000,000 Won ($891) in South Korea. The G6 Pro will come with 32GB of internal storage and is expected to be cheaper than the current G6 model, costing at just 790,000 Won ($704) in South Korea.

According to Gizbot, when LG was approached with questions regarding the two devices, the company could neither confirm or deny the availability of the two handsets. However, an executive of the company did mention that LG does plan on expanding the line-up of its G6 flagship. The report from South Korea also does not mention any internal changes to the devices, but speculations suggest that internally, the specifications will not be as different than the G6, and could in fact, also have lower spec’s hardware. If the phones are released in South Korea, they will be released within the country’s three main carriers. There is also strong indication that the two new phones could also have a global release date soon.

Based on a chart mentioned on the South Korean source’s report, the phones will at least feature similarities in the processor – packing the Snapdragon 821 along with the 5.7-inch Full Vision display. Apart from these phones, LG will also be releasing the much awaited V30, which should be more equipped and suited to take on the current flagship competition.


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