LG G7 rumoured for a January launch along with Samsung Galaxy S9

With Samsung already gearing up for 2018 with the Galaxy S9 release happening sometime during CES, LG, who was the first to the flagship race this year with the G6, might have a competitor ready to take on the S9 in January as well, if reports new reports are confirmed to be true.

According to reports, we can expect the LG G7 to release in January of 2018. LG is known for releasing two flagship smartphones in a year – one being the G-series and the other being the V-series, much like the Galaxy S and the Note series for Samsung. Regarding the specifications, nothing much has been uncovered about the phone apart from the speculations that it will most likely pack the Snapdragon 845 chipset, but if Samsung will be the first in line to keep the 845, we might have to settle for the 835 variant instead. This year, the G6 came with only the Snapdragon 821 processor and the V30 came with the 835, so it seems fair enough to expect a similar kind of strategy for LG to adopt.

While the release of the S9 and the G7 being released are just whispers in the wind, there is no concrete evidence as to whether both phones will release in January next year, so the news should be taken with a pinch of salt. The CES 2018 will be quite interesting this time around as it is expected to showcase a bunch of big, new releases for fans from both companies. Following the CES is the MWC which happens in February, and also where a lot of other manufacturers often release their phones. The two companies will do well to avoid the rush and to separate their release dates from the other competition.

There have been rumours surrounding the G7, that it may feature an under-the-glass fingerprint sensor, which is a feature that we likely won’t find on the Galaxy S9. LG’s G7 will also reportedly not only be released on January, but will also go on sale in the same month. Alternatively, LG might opt for a separate release date in January with its own event in Las Vegas. LG was one of the first companies to introduce the fingerprint sensor on the back and now, it can be the first to introduce the underlying fingerprint sensor below the screen. Samsung will revolutionize its own fingerprint sensor tech by simply placing it to a more convenient location.


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