Huawei to launch four new MediaPad tablets in the budget segment

While the world has been more focused on smartphones and smart homes of late, the tablet market has not seen much attention. While the iPad still rules the roost, Android tablets have not yet given up the fight, and Huawei is the latest manufacturer to launch their newest Android tablet, the MediaPad T3 and M3 tablets.

These new MediaPad models will serve as successors to the last year’s MeidaPad T3, which was meant to be a budget tablet solution. This time around, Huawei is releasing two new tablets in the T3 line – one 8-incher and the other being a 10-incher. There are also two slightly more powerful MediaPad M3 Lite tablets launched alongside the former, featuring more optional features that users may want from their tablets. While they cannot be compared to the best tablets in the market, they are rather aimed at being more accessible options for the masses.

Two variants will come in a premium-looking aluminium shell and will be powered an unspecified octa-core processor that could possibly be a home-grown Kirin processor or a MediaTek. Both variants will feature the same cameras – an 8MP front-facing camera and an 8MP rear camera. RAM is also the same, featuring 3GB of RAM and the software package come with EMUI 5.1 Lite, over Android Nougat 7.1.1. The difference between the two, lies in the audio and the battery.

The 10-inch tablet will come with four Harmon-Kardon speakers, while the smaller one will come in two. Considering the batteries, the smaller of the two will feature a 4,800mAh unit, while the larger one will come with a 6,600mAh unit. Users will probably feel more comfortable with the 8-inch form-factor, compared to its bigger sibling. Regarding pricing, the smaller is expected to cost $199 and the larger one is expected to cost $249.

Also, the two T3 tablets will come in the same sizes as the M3 tablets, with both featuring the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, 1200×800 displays, 16GB of internal storage with expandability and 2GB of RAM along with the same software package as the M3 line. They also include a 4,800mAh battery with a 5MP camera on the rear and a front-facing 2MP camera. The smaller tablet will retail for $139 and the larger tablet will be available for a price of $159. All four tablets are available for online purchase.


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