Honda will showcase 4 new life-assisting robots that are cute and very helpful

It is common knowledge by now that Honda has had a love affair with the robotics world, but until now, that fondness has only been exclusive towards their robotics division being celebrated on the stages and floors of tech events. This time, when CES takes place, Honda will be more pro-active with putting their robots in the spotlight – 4 of them, to be exact.

The new range of robots come under the company’s 3E Robotics Concept banner (3E stands for Empower, Experience, Empathy). These robots are designed with technical concepts that will fit a range of roles. Honda has taken great care in the way that the robots are engineered, giving them all appealing looks that consumers may be drawn towards and considering the way they have designed them, they do look quite cute.

Engadget reports that the robots aim to help those with mobility issues and to help them navigate around their house as well as the outside world. The first of the line up is the 3E-A18 companion robot that is designed to show compassion. It can respond to human emotions and expressions with its own set of facial expressions. Then there is the 3E-B18B that is an automated moving chair and can be operated and used indoors as well as outdoors. The 3E-C18 offers the ability to transport all kinds of cargo and materials from place to another. The quad-bike inspired 3E-D18 comes with integrated AI for off-road and on-road applications and can help people with numerous applications for rough use.

Honda is also going to be featuring Mobile Power Pack World at the CES alongside its robotic offerings and is proposed as a resource for recharging electrical vehicles. These packs are essentially hot-swappable battery packs for electronic vehicles and homes as well, in the case of a natural disaster. The primary reason for Honda to release these offerings is to offer better living and to provide customers with a product that can understand them and also respond to their needs and assist them in their day to day activities.

The 3E concepts will be featured in Las Vegas at the 2018 CES between January 9 and 12. Honda will likely be the first to try and encourage users to adopt the new lifestyle of a robot-assisted environment, but whether it will be successful in its implementation and reception, is yet to be seen. We will have to wait and see how the robots fare when they are announced next month.


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