Google Staff Stages Worldwide Walkout Over Claims Of Sexual Harassment

Today thousands of Google employees all over the world staged walkouts over the companies handling of sexual misconduct accusations.


The walkouts started at 11:10 am in Tokyo and continued through other times zones at that same time. The plan for the walkout was announced yesterday on Twitter through a post by @GoogleWalkout.  The employees were pretty clear on their demands and outlined them via the same tweet.

 The walkout follows a string of sexual misconduct allegations that were made against senior executives in the company. These allegations were concealed by Google and ended with payouts of millions of dollars in severance packages to those male executives. A report by The New York Times highlighted the companies mishandling of the situation.

Images of the walkout spread through social media channels using the hashtag #googlewalkout. What started in Asia spread to London, Dublin, Singapore, Zurich, New York City and Googles headquarters in California.


Each employee was encouraged to exit the building and leave a flyer on their desk which read ““I’m not at my desk because I’m walking out in solidarity with other Googlers and contractors to protest [against] sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency and a workplace culture that’s not working for everyone.”

The workers are also demanding an end to inequalities in pay and job opportunities as well as transparent data on gaps in ethnicity, gender, and race.