Foldable e-bike X1 Explorer can go up to 37 miles per hour and can fold in less than a second

The next convenient lifestyle statement is here, with the X1 Explorer. The Explorer offers users the convenience and portability of a regular bike, with the functionality and the power that an electric e-bike can bring, especially for the urban landscape.

According to Digital Trends, the bike is quite teched out, coming with just 10-inch wheels, a suspension system and a built-in LED light. The X1 Explorer has a foldable design to allow for storing the bike in small places. The standard battery of the bike lasts up to 25 miles with the option for a larger battery pack on the offering that will extend the range up to37 miles. The bike will be able to cruise for up to 19 miles per hour and the included charging adapter can rejuvenate the bike to full in just four hours.

The problem that the e-bike solves, is that traditional e-bikes are larger and inconvenient, especially when commuting through public transport systems. The bike is just 44 pounds in weight, making it the most portable e-bike on the market.

Explorer e-bike comes with GPS tracking technology that allows users to access the location of the bike through iOS and Android. The model is available from the starting price of $995 via Kickstarter. There is also a digital interface on the centre of the handlebar for information about the bike and the trip, such as speed, temperature, remaining range available, the time and such. Buyers will get a key to lock and unlock the bike as well. There is an anti-theft alarm that is activated with a wireless key fob, which can be also used to start the bike. The bike also features its own horn, integrated front lights and rear LED break lights.

The e-bike does not come with pedals but rather, riders are to put their feet on the front pegs and twist the throttle to start accelerating. The Explorer can be folded to form a road-ready gold-bag travel size in a second – up to 23 inches, when folded. The e-bike will be shipped on March 2018. The bike’s unique size and shape, with the X-shaped aluminium frame will make for a marriage of forma and function.

Beta models are up for sale in the Asian markets meaning that the company may launch this product on much wider scale than just the North American continent. For early adopters, now is the best time to get in on the e-bike action.


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