Amazon Opens 2nd Checkout Free Store In Seattle

Amazon officially opened its 2nd Amazon Go store today.  The new Go store is situated about a mile from the original location in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, WA.

This launch is part of Amazons attempt to break into the $550 billion US convenience store industry. Amazon also plans to roll out several other locations this year including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

Amazon’s new store is about 1,450 square feet.  This is roughly 350 square feet smaller than its flagship store, which opened up back in December 2016.

Another major change is that the new location will cater more towards office workers, providing quick snacks, prepared meals and all in one Blue Apron type meal kits.  Gone from the location are grocery staples such as beer, wine, dairy and bread.  This store will also forgo the in house kitchen and instead offer food prepared and brought in from Amazon kitchens elsewhere in the city.

As Amazon VP Gianna Puerini stated, “The population here is a little different.”  The new location hours will also differ slightly, opening Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM.

Amazon Go offers the full experience of self-service.  This means no more cashiers, long lines or check outs.  Amazon customers simply download the “Amazon Go” app and scan their QR code as they enter the premises.

Once in the store, cameras begin to track that customer’s every move. As they stroll from section to section, their selections are logged.  In addition to the cameras there are weight sensors that can detect when an item is picked off the shelf and when that item is put back.

Once a shopper finishes their search, they simply leave the store.  The user’s Amazon account is debited and their “Just Walk Out” shopping journey is complete.


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