Samsung Galaxy S9 may release earlier than expected and will come with a ‘new sensor’

Samsung Galaxy S9 may release earlier than expected and will come with a ‘new sensor’

Samsung is trying to strategize their efforts in a bid to draw consumers from the appeal of the iPhone X. Samsung may show itself as being unaffected and drawing upon funny ads to dull the fire of Apple’s latest flagship, but the real threat of sales is making the Korean manufacturer tighten its grip on its upcoming flagships.

We might see the company’s next generation of flagships a little earlier than previously anticipated. This is because industry insiders claim that the Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Note 9 will all feature the same display as their predecessors, meaning that there does not need to be any extra time taken for Samsung to develop new screen tech this time around. With the company keeping the same screens, the manufacturing time and costs will be significantly diminished. The only change in the devices are going to be in the processing power which usually get a bump as a new model makes its appearance. We might again see Samsung hording the next latest Snapdragon chipsets and using them in their devices like it did this year with the S8.

Despite the company keeping the phone’s main feature – the display, mainly the same, it might not employ that one feature that we have all been waiting for and that was supposed to arrive in the current generation of the company’s flagships – the embedded fingerprint scanner in the display. We might have to see it placed on the back, just like its predecessors, but hopefully not in the same way, as it was quite inconvenient for users to access. Samsung have supposedly promised a completely redesigned back for the S9, which could mean that the S9 and S9+ could use the Note 8’s dual cameras. We might even see a different placement of the fingerprint scanner as well. Whether that qualifies for a radically different design layout, we will have to see.

Android Headlines have found out that there will be a new unknown sensor that will make its way to the Galaxy S9, via a LinkedIn Profile of someone who worked at Samsung as an engineer and was supposedly working on the new sensor. As the engineer did work on the Dual Pixel sensor for 2017, it can be said that the new sensor may well be a new camera sensor for the upcoming flagship devices. Nevertheless, Samsung will benefit from releasing their next flagships earlier than the usual timing as it will give buyers another reason to reconsider spending $1,000 on the new iPhone X.