The OnePlus 5T will officially be launched on November 16 for a price below $600

The OnePlus 5T is just around the corner and in a couple of weeks, we will the next big disrupting gadget by OnePlus, which will take on the current standing flagships. The OnePlus 5 already is quite a performer, but did not quite fit the look of a 2017 flagship. But we now know what the company’s next flagship is going to feature as well as when and where it will be released.

According to a report from Ubergizmo, the company has been making numerous teasers and posts on social media around the eventual release of the OnePlus 5T over the last couple of weeks. Recently, the company tweeted a hint of where the OnePlus 5T launch event will be held. This would be special, since the company does not usually make launch events. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had earlier also confirmed that the phone would be made available for a price of less than $600.

OnePlus will be partnering with Amazon for exclusive sales in India for the OnePlus 5T, much like its other devices in the past and will start online after the official release on November 16. The launch event is said to start less than a week later, on November 21. OnePlus has already started sending out e-mails to customers regarding signing up for the device. We can expect the phone to cost a little more than the OnePlus 5 nevertheless, as the company has been known to increase the pricing of its smartphones as the years carry on.

Other marketing material surrounding the device include images that highlight the camera’s capabilities, including one made in a tweet by the CEO himself. We know that the phone will have a larger, edge-to-edge screen. The tickets to the launch event are also going to be made available. The event, happening in Brooklyn, New York will have its tickets sold starting November 8 at 12MP EDT. The tickets will cost $40. For those who can’t make it for the live event, OnePlus is also live-streaming the event on the company’s official website.

Considering that the 5T will be an upgrade over the 5, we can expect minor increments to the hardware. It seems the company will keep the Snapdragon 835 chipset, and the same RAM configuration. The only noticeable upgrade worth mentioning will be the new screen. Perhaps we might see the arrival of a new set of cameras as well. We’ll know all the details once the official unveiling happens in New York.