Galaxy Note 9 news: Codename revealed, may be released in August 2018

Samsung has this year made hit after the hit, with the Galaxy S8, the S8 Plus and the Note 8 all comfortably holding the top spot in the Android devices segment. This year has been flawless and the company are looking to make the best of next year already, with rumours surrounding their next best flagship prospects.

While the S9 and the S9 Plus are already being under development currently by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 has already been given the greenlight, with a codename supposedly making the rounds. Samsung have already begun the construction of the phone, set to arrive 2018, sometime in summer. We can expect the phone to be officially released in August. The codename on the cards right now, is “Crown” and while the name does not provide any kind of evidence as to what the phone may feature, the codename does feel apt since the Note series does take the crown for being the best Samsung phone available right now.

The rumours come via a leak by South Korean publication, The Bell, who is known for other rumours surrounding past handsets of the company. The name might also be an indicator of Samsung wanting to cement itself as the King in terms of holding the best large-screen devices in the smartphone market. The Note 8’s codename was “Baikal”, which is also a lake in Siberia. The name was indicative of the phone’s infinity screen design which flows into the sides of the phone, much like an infinity pool. While the resemblance to the real-world name-sake does make sense, how the codename “Crown” for the Note 9 will be translated into a feature for the device will be interesting to see. Our best guess would be that the phone may have a notch design up top, like the iPhone X did, with an edge-to-edge display and the notch serving as the crown of the phone perhaps. It is just speculation at this point, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung took the same route as Apple did, since the same has been done in the past as well.

Tweak Town, in its report suggests that we can finally expect to see that virtual fingerprint sensor that we had been anticipating in the Note 8, with the Qualcomm embedded fingerprint sensor under the display. We can also expect other obvious improvements such as better cameras, a better processor and other notable features. Hopefully, Samsung will still retain the headphone jack this time around too!