Apple iPhone X draws lines, and some activation errors on AT&T and Verizon services

This Friday, the sale of sale of the most expensive iPhone by Apple ever, was made official. The device will be one that Apple will need to keep good stock of, since the phone was sold out within minutes of its online pre-order sales. The $1,000 price tag will not deter anyone from purchasing the company’s latest and greatest handset, which should reinforce Apple’s belief in their premonition of the sales forecast, which seemed doubtful, owing to the lack of interest for the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone X

The oncoming holiday season will be expected to be the company’s biggest quarter in terms of sales. CEO Tim Cook also mentioned that the company is looking to increase production capacity every week. For those ordering online, Apple is now reducing the waiting period to three to four weeks, down from five weeks to six weeks. Some of the places where huge lines were seen across the world in front of Apple stores came from New York, Chicago, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Hong Kong and Milan among others. The company’s shares instantly rose 2.8 percent mid-day on Friday. Apple is confident in expecting to sell 242 million iPhone units in the fiscal year, ending in September 2018.

The fanfare was for the new phone was extensive, as Apple’s Manhattan store at 5th Avenue saw lines which stretched down the block – a far cry from what the scene was from the earlier Apple 8 launch, which saw no long lines or any kind of hype on the date of release. Having said that, there has been a unique problem that a few users of the new iPhone X have been facing with regard to activating the device.

A message pops up when users try to activate the device, saying “The activation server is temporarily unavailable”. Some users claim that the process took a few tries and was quite slow to activate the phone. The problem was persistent mostly on AT&T and Verizon networks. There is speculation that the problem could be caused because of network congestion. While there is no physical defect on the iPhone X causing the issue, new buyers will be relieved to know that early reviews of the phone show a high-performance device with excellent facial recognition software, which also cannot be broken using the user’s image, or even their twin.

With a Samsung made proprietary screen and with the most powerful processor on a mobile phone till date, there is little competition for the iPhone X in the segment, except for pricing.