Xiaomi to launch new fast-charging capable phone with 16MP selfie camera in India

Xiaomi to launch new fast-charging capable phone with 16MP selfie camera in India

Xiaomi has been on a continuous roll lately, launching some of the best hardware we have seen this year, both in the premium and budget-segment spaces. The Mi A1 and the Mi Mix 2 were hits when they were released. Now, Xiaomi is preparing to launch a brand-new series of smartphones soon in November. And much like its previous releases, the new series will most likely aim at affordability and feature-rich specs

According to a report from Gear, November 2 is the date that Xiaomi has picked for the launch of its new series. The last event that the company had held was in September in India. The new series of smartphones by Xiaomi will also be launched in India first. Based on the company’s teaser poster, we see a light ring with a fast charging icon. So, we can assume that whatever the company is releasing will come with fast-charging capabilities, which was sorely missing from the company’s previous offerings.

The Managing Director of the company, Manu Kumar also addressed what the phone’s capabilities involve, and it seems like the device will be a selfie-focused device as the he tweeted a selfie with the caption of the phone being the “Best selfie smartphone.” While we can’t comment on the quality of the photo itself, Xiaomi’s tall claim will put it in the spotlight against current leaders in the optics category such as the Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8.

There are also reports that the company will be launching the global variant of the MIUI 9 at the same event. This will be exciting as Xiaomi has made many under-the-hood optimizations to its new line-ups, with the lightning icon hoping to symbolize the improvements being made in the phones. There is also a new skin that Xiaomi will be using over Android to re-iterate the fact and it should be ready with the newest launch.

Xiaomi has been doing very well for itself in India, so it makes sense for the company to focus its marketing and releases to the sub-continent. The company recently was able to sell 4 million phones in just one month.

The new phone could likely be the Redmi Note 5A. The phone was launched in August in China and came with a 16MP front facing camera – the highest seen on a front-facing camera module yet. But considering that the company’s Mi Note series has yet to make a debut in India as of yet, it is likely that Xiaomi may instead release the Mi Note 3 which is more powerful and falls closely to the Mi 6. It also comes with 16MP front-facing cameras as well.