The OnePlus 5T will launch on November 20

The OnePlus 5T is slowly inching towards fruition as more speculations and rumours surface around the company’s upcoming flagship. While the OnePlus 5 failed in out-doing its contemporaries in terms of design and overall performance, the 5T will be looking to look more like a 2017 flagship, and the update could not come sooner, as the year is about to end and all the major devices have already been revealed. Perhaps the 5T could pull in one last big surprise and take away the thunder that the Note 8, iPhone X and the Pixel 2 have enjoyed so much.

The OnePlus 5T will be the OnePlus phone that buyers should have bought this year, much like how the iPhone 8 was a filler gap to the iPhone X. And while many have been eager to see a new OnePlus phone coming up, even expert leaker Evan Blasse was not able to find anything surrounding the device, until there was news indicating that OnePlus was creating an all-screen device that is set to launch sometime late in November. Based on his recent tweet, the phone will feature the same 18:9 aspect ratio to be released on November 20.

GSM Arena has unearthed some convincing information regarding what the new phone will look like. And considering that OnePlus is owned under the same company that owns Oppo and Vivo, it seems likely that there will be a resemblance to one of Oppo’s or Vivo’s existing offerings that will be carried forward to the 5T. More accurately put, the upcoming Oppo R11s gives a strong indication as to how we can expect the OnePlus 5T to look like. Considering the extra screen real estate, we might the company’s first phone without capacitive keys, with the fingerprint sensor being placed on the back.

Just like the R11s, the 5T should come with a near bezel-less design and a 6-inch FHD+ display. At the back, we can expect a dual camera sensor, featuring two 20MP cameras. On the inside, what will set the 5T apart from Oppo’s offering is the existence of a Snapdragon 835 CPU with either 6GB or 8GB RAM options. While the R11s will be launching on November 2, the 5T will appear a little more than 2 weeks from then. Even Chinese social networking site Weibo seems to have been hit with a couple of images that show a hands-on with the speculated device, but we will take those images with a pinch of salt for now. Carl Pei had also recently released a teaser of a “great camera”, but there is no confirmation yet of whether the camera belongs to the 5T.

Forbes reports that the 5T shares the same physical body of the Vivo V7 Plus, which also does not surprise us with the company’s liberal use of its siblings’ designs once again. While the phone may not be radically different from past iterations, it should hopefully deliver on the quality of software when it releases late in November.