Next iPhones to follow iPhone X design with a cheaper variant in the works

Next iPhones to follow iPhone X design with a cheaper variant in the works

Arguably one of the most expensive smartphones to launch, the iPhone X will also be one of the most highly anticipated with a screen that covers the entire front of the phone and a new biometric unlock feature to replace the fingerprint sensor. Apple will apparently be making a cheaper version of the iPhone X later on as well, as it had done earlier with the iPhone 5C and the iPhone SE.

Apple will be launching a new cheaper variant of the iPhone X by the end of 2018. The rumor having come out from China is currently being codenamed Hangzhou. The cheaper variant of the iPhone X will supposedly accompany the iPhone X’s successor, which also has a codename – “Lisbon”. There currently is no other detailed information that can be provided regarding the new phones. The low-cost phone will likely replace the standard iPhone 8 and the larger one will take the place of the iPhone 8 Plus.

While the new iPhones will still be cheaper than the iPhone X currently is, it seems that Apple will want to bring FaceID to the new affordable handsets along with the iPhone X’s gesture-based UI navigation. We might be able to expect specifications to be a little less powerful than the iPhone X. This also means that the redesign that the iPhone X will bring, will offer as the standard template for future iPhone releases as well, as did the previous designs, which were simply recycled iterations.

Whether the new notch will also be retained in the new designs is yet to be seen, but the news is currently in rumour realm, making it difficult to discern Apple’s future intentions. The company will be looking to regain its lost sales from the iPhone 8 and compensate on the iPhone X’s success. Should the iPhone X not be as successful as the company hopes it is, the company’s next quarter earnings report should make for an interesting piece of news.

iPhone’s next two models will follow the same kind of release formula that Apple has been following in recent years, with one standard variant and the other being a variant with a larger display. We shouldn’t be expecting a third variant like we did this year. We can expect thinner displays with screen sizes ranging from 5.28 to 6.46 inches.