Apple may be developing a Pencil stylus for the next iPhone

Apple may be developing a Pencil stylus for the next iPhone

Apple will be borrowing an idea from one of its biggest competitor in its newest iteration of the iPhone yet, and this could possibly be a game-changer for the way that new iPhones are going to be used from here on out. The reports come from industry insiders and has sparked much intrigue among the collective Apple fans around the internet.

The company is reportedly in talks with several stylus-producing companies for making the company’s own iPhone stylus. Apple already has introduced its very own stylus in the form of the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro and this new revelation has us believing that the company’s next iPhone could come with the largest screen seen on an iPhone ever.

Whether it will be housed inside the phone or whether it will be sold as a separate accessory altogether, it seems that the company will be prepping the product for a launch that will come as soon as 2019.

Value Walk thinks that the Pencil for the iPhone could come along with the iPhone 9 as soon as next year. This makes sense as Apple did file various sizes for the original Apple Pencil which debuted alongside the Applei iPad Pro in its patent documents. This begs the question of whether Apple will be launching an exclusive “Pro” version of the iPhone X as well, with a larger display next year. The possibilities for such an innovation seem realistic and an obvious next step in the iPhone legacy to bring more creative and graphic-oriented features to the iPhone.

This could also end up making the next iterations of the iPhone more expensive than the current flagship, going all the up to even $2,000. If the iPhone Pencil is sold separately, that would add to the already monstrous cost of the product as a whole, which is solely dependent on proprietary accessories and products from its maker.

There will be lesser for companies like Apple to bring to the table in terms of new innovations or modules. The smartphone is currently the best that it can be right now and it is difficult to improve on the already existing functions and features that it offers.

Now, companies are finding newer ways to re-introduce already existing technologies by removing their existence form phones, starting with the microUSB port to the headphone jack and most recently, Apple X’s removal of the Touch ID. It also answers why Apple had so few notable features added to the iPhone X, and instead talked about less-important features such as Emoji face-mapping.

It might be too soon to speculate if the iPhone’s Note 8-esque feature will be implemented going forward and whether the UI will even need the use of a stylus as much as Android phones do. While speculations around the matter are still fresh, it seems unlikely that we will see the new stylus that iPhone is allegedly preparing as soon as next year.