Razer teases big announcement coming Nov 1, most likely a new smartphone

Razer teases big announcement coming Nov 1, most likely a new smartphone

Known for its gaming systems, Razer has officially announced something “Big” coming up for its fans on November 1. The teaser marks the beginning of something new for Razer, who has been known only for its gaming laptops and hardware. The teaser was uploaded via a tweet and hints at the possibility of the launch of the company’s first smartphone.

According to Droid Life, the image consists of a person holding what looks like a smartphone. The image only comes with the text “Watch” with the November 1 reveal date. The image does show much else and makes it difficult to discern whether the company is going to announce a smartphone, a new tablet or something else with a screen. Since the keyword here is “Watch”, it could also be an entirely new video streaming service as well.

What we can expect is something made specifically for gamers, as Razer is known for making enthusiast grade gaming devices with impressive performance. While the company is also known for adding rainbow coloured LED lights into its devices, the company looks to be taking a different direction with its upcoming device.

The Verge suspects that Razer’s newest device could most likely be a phone as the company did acquire Nextbit recently, which put forth the question of when the company will be making its own handset. If the device is a phone, Razer will be making it gamer-centric but considering that the current standard for next-generation mobile graphics comes in the form of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, Razer might be making its own custom chip or feature software optimizations for better gaming.

Razer may also be offering a way to stream games online in the form of a subscription service. Even Nextbit’s former CEO had tweeted something earlier on, which was as photo with a colleague who was sporting a device in his pocket with the Razer logo, hinting that we will most likely be seeing a new smartphone. All rumours also speculate that since the device will be a product of Razer, the company will find a way to include its Chroma LEDs somewhere in the design. It would be interesting to see Razer adapt the idea in the way that Sony did with their Xperia S.

Our speculation and anticipation will end only on November 1, as the company will be holding an official event to mark its newest release.