Apple’s newer iPhones will now feature LG displays

Apple’s newer iPhones will now feature LG displays

With the iPhone X’s arrival imminent in the coming few weeks, the company has been keeping fans occupied with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. One of the biggest changes that the iPhone X will bring to buyers is its use of an OLED screen which will cover the entire front of the device. It will also introduce face recognition as the primary mode of unlocking the phone. Apple has already started development on the next big iPhone, and has omitted an important contractor in this process.

According to report from BGR, Apple’s displays have always been provided by Samsung and with the company’s move to switch to OLED panels, they will be extracting Samsung out of the equation as they would not want one of their biggest rivals in the industry to pull product ideas from Apple’s new display designs. Considering that the two companies have always been at loggerheads since 2011 for numerous alleged attempts at copying each other’s ideas.

While it has been proven to be true in Apple’s favour that Samsung has been pulling ideas from the tech giant, this separation of partners proves that Apple will be working on new display technologies for its upcoming iPhone variants as OLED will play a prominent part in future releases.

Recent reports from The Investor claim that Apple will be utilizing foldable OLED screens in iPhones that will arrive sometime in 2020. In fact, the screen within the iPhone X is already a foldable screen, with its edges being folded to the bottom of the screen to hide the display controller. This also enables the bottom portion of the folded screen to provide extended usage.

A new report from Korea’s The Bell publication has also reported that the new iPhone coming in the next two years, will be entirely foldable as well. Apple has now turned to Samsung’s rival, LG for displays as of now.

According to Fortune, Apple’s design Chief JonyIve mentioned in an interview that the iPhone X will be a gateway for more new design opportunities for the company. The company is already put those ideas in motion as well, but has not so far delved into the details as to what change we may expect. The iPhone X was in development for over five years and considering the strides in display technology and processing power that Apple has made with the device, the next big leap will most likely be nothing short of extraordinary.