Samsung Galaxy A series (2018) to come with dedicated Bixby button

Samsung seems to be making a small change to its upcoming smartphones ever since the launch of its Bixby smart assistant. And it’s a change that will most likely not be welcomed by all fans of the brand, as it involved making the same addition that its recent flagship phones have had as well.

The company’ upcoming Galaxy A series line-up which will be set for a 2018 launch, will come with the Bixby button. While some might call it a high-end feature, Samsung will be seeing this as a way of making Bixby more accessible to its range of smartphones. Users will now be able to launch Bixby’s virtual assistant AI without needing to own any of Samsung’s flagships.

Samsung did earlier promise that it will be bringing Bixby to a lot of devices, but finding the dedicated button for activating the AI will be considered a stretch, since users usually aren’t able to re-map the workings of the button. A recent update did allow fort the button to be deactivated so that it stops showing Bixby, but if held down, Bixby will still activate.

Reports indicate the Galaxy A series will be unveiled sometime during early 2018 along with its other new offerings, which are usually scheduled to be released, as per the company’s schedule. January to February is when these new launches usually happen. Based on these reports, the A line-up of the Galaxy smartphones will be the first mid-range Samsung devices to get this feature. It is expected to feature on all other upcoming mid-range offerings by the company as well.

The 2018 line-up of the Galaxy A series should most likely include the A3, A5 and A8 as was the same case this year as well. Having said that, Samsung may use different naming schemes for the devices time around, highlighting the addition of Bixby. This information was originally leaked by an industry insider on the popular social networking site Weibo.

The upcoming A-series lineup will retail for anywhere between $400 and $600 depending on the market and variant. Samsung is also rumored to be preparing new chips and a bezel-less Infinity display as well, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Note 8. The same can also be applied to the upcoming C line-up as well. While have been no official confirmations of the rumors, the company’s plans are usually predictable when it comes to its mid-range offerings.