Galaxy X rumors abound: Bendable display in tow, 2018 release likely

Galaxy X rumors abound: Bendable display in tow, 2018 release likely

Much like iPhone having skipped the iPhone 9 and going straight from 7 to 8 to X, Galaxy may well end up doing the same next year, when it releases its next flagship smartphone. Recent reports seem to be making a case for the smartphone giant’s response to iPhone’s anniversary edition smartphone, but Samsung’s offering will be a bit more… flexible, than its previous flagship offerings of late.

The Galaxy X is said to be part of Samsung’s plans for a bendable smartphone. The phone was expected to be released this year in limited release to gauge the market’s reception towards the phone.

Also, to make a device such as this would be difficult, considering the new display tech. The phone’s launch was then planned to take place next year. But we might see the phone earlier than expected since Samsung did confirm that the Note 9 will have a foldable display and so the next variant of the S line could come with one as well.

The device is getting closer to a launch date sometime next year as it has already been registered in the National Radio Research Agency database of Korea. Since registering in the database is one of the first steps involved in getting a phone made in Korea, but it does not confirm an imminent launch of the devices recorded in the registry. The device is currently registered under the codename G888No.

While there is no news of the Galaxy X having an imminent release in the near future, there is a possibility that it might be able to make its way to the floor of one of next year’s tech conferences such as the CES or the MWC. The device is expected to come with a clamshell design that will fit better in the pocket while providing a much bigger screen.

The device’s existence was recorded on September 21 2017 at the NRA. Along with the device’s entry in the database, it has also received its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications. There are no certainties as to the exact specifications of the Galaxy X, but the rumor mills indicate that the phone will at least have a bendable display.

With no other leaks having been cropped up in recent weeks and no other hints dropped by Samsung apart from the device’s database entry and certification, the company seems to be keeping its plans for the device under tight wraps; the same for which cannot be said of the iPhone X, which was unveiled much before Apple would have wanted.