LG V30 launches in Korea, international launch to happen next month

LG V30 launches in Korea, international launch to happen next month

The LG V30 has been a long time coming and after its initial campaign that attracted fans with its superior display and its specifications, it has finally been released in its home town of South Korea. While it may not be available to the rest of the world just yet, an international launch may just be around the corner.

The device could be the phone to give other flagships such as the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X a run for their money. The V30 has so far got the right mix of features to make it one of the best smartphones to own, with a bezel-less design that outdoes the company’s previous flagship, the LG G6. The V30 is also a treat to audiophiles with its Quad DAC for high-quality audio output. With the most premium specifications of the year, the V30 makes for a strong case to be the flagship phone of the year.

One particular area where LG will have to prove itself is, will be in the camera department. While other flagships this year have proven their camera chops. The V30 boasts the largest f/1.6 aperture sensor with Crystal Clear glass lens and keeps cinematographers in mind, making it a quality camera to be used by professionals.

GSM Arena reported on the tear down of the phone earlier, to find out how such an impressive camera was able to fit inside the phone, with the addition of optical image stabilization. Based on the report, the build of the phone has been allowed to accommodate for easy repair but at the same time, lacks the advantage that previous phones in the V series had, which was a removable battery. This time around, LG have not allowed for a user-replaceable battery. Despite this minor short-coming, the V30 is still a favourable smartphone to consider, owing to power within the device.

LG V30 would be released in the US next month, but the pricing is still left undecided. Speculations claim that based on the Korean price tag, the equivalent in US Dollars would come to $840 for the 64GB variant and $885 for the 128GB variant. For that price, buyers will be able to get 6-inch HDR panel with a Univisium aspect that allows for the body to be smaller than it expected. When it releases, it will be available in Morokan Blue, Cloud Silver, Aurora Black and Lavender Violet.