Google Pixel 2 release date announced, with quirky new marketing campaign

Now that the dust has finally settled over the iPhone X, smartphone enthusiasts will be able to now focus on the next big release of the year, which is the new Pixel range from Google. Google was timely enough to allow for the excitement from Apple’s launch to subside and promptly took centre stage to announce their latest devices.

Google has recently launched a brand-new website that encourages users to “ask more”. The company has created the new landing page under the sub-domain and it also comes with the cheeky tagline – “thinking of changing phones?” Google has also kickstarted its massive marketing campaign by also installing numerous billboards to tease the launch event which is about to occur.

The teaser advertised for the upcoming Pixel 2 phones ends with Google announcing something big coming on October 4, which falls in line with the original Pixel’s release last year. Originally, numerous speculations were based off the Pixel 2, that may have been mere assumptions. One of those assumptions was that the phone would come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836, but it turns out that there would be no processor like that made.

This could mean that either the new Pixel phones would release with the Snapdragon 840/845 processor or could come with the Snapdragon 835 processor like the rest of the flagship phones this year. The latter is more likely to be a possibility. What speculations have gotten right, is that there will be two models on the offering, with difference in size, much like the previous generation.

This time around, Google will be splitting the workload of the manufacturing of the two products to HTC and LG who will be making one of the variants each, much like the case was with the Nexus 6P and 5X. This time, LG is expected to be creating the bigger device, while HTC is expected to create the smaller of the two.

According to sources, the new phones will come with squeezable frames for extra functionality, a 1,440p screen, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage as well. The bigger of the two devices is expected to sport a screen that is as large as 6-inches. Google might also be finally dumping the headphone jack from its new devices this time around, to the dismay of many fans alike. One of the problems that plagued the previous generation of Pixels was the lack of supply. Hopefully, the company will meet supply and demand.