Xperia XZ1 is the only smartphone that can scan and print 3D objects

For those who have been patiently waiting to get their hands on the new Sony Xperia XZ1 since its first appearance at this year’s IFA, Sony has just announced that the phone will be made available for purchase starting September 19 this year. The XZ1 will be one of the company’s most powerful phones on its release and will offer one very special feature meant for those early adopters.

Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony is taking its AR content generation forward to enable 3D printing that can be performed from within the phone itself. One of the biggest features of the phone is one that has only just made its way to big names like Apple, and that is Augmented Reality. Sony phones had earlier also included simple AR schemes into their camera units for novel, fun photos. Now, the company is looking for creating 3D objects as well thanks to a special 3D scanning app.

As mentioned by Android Guys, Sony had announced a partnership with 3D printing and digital manufacturing specialist Sculpteo in developing an app for the phone that will enable users to directly print out 3D objects to life. Usually, the process would involve having to open a computer and utilizing specialized software applications.

With the XZ1 however, the process is a lot easier with the 3D Creator App. Users will be able to, for example, scan their own or someone else’s face and then print out a 3D version of it. One scanned, the image can be sent directly to Sculpteo and the user will directly get their 3D object sent to them via mail. Users will also get to customize their final print and the materials that they will want to use as well as the size that they want for its to be.

The XZ1 will be a unique offering in a market that is currently crowded with names such as the V30, S8 and now the iPhone X, but Sony’s pricing and take on producing 3D elements stands out. Creators will find this feature to be useful. The phone is also competitive for a flagship in terms of pricing as it can be bought for $700. But having one novel idea alone, may not be enough to move fans away from other big names who also offer stellar performance-oriented phones. Sony’s smartphones have been seeing a slump in sales compared to its competitors and it does not seem like that trend will soon change just because of the XZ1.