Expect a foldable Samsung Galaxy Note in 2018 under the codename ‘Galaxy X’

Samsung has, for the past few years now, promised foldable and bendable screens. The company has delivered on the latter, but we have yet to see any word on the foldable, flexible displays just yet. Samsung does have a plan to launch foldable phones starting 2018.

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy X was that there would be test runs conducted on the second half of the year

The company had first showcased the foldable smartphone concept back in 2013 and based on the marketing surrounding the device, it seemed like the concept would be first introduced by the Galaxy Note line. There is some amount of confirmation regarding the eventual release of such a smartphone as Samsung’s president Koh Dong-jin said that the company will be looking to make the foldable Galaxy Note a possibility next year.

While the foldable Galaxy Note could be a possibility, there are also a few obstacles that the company will have to face as pointed out by the President in his comment about the upcoming smartphone. One of those obstacles will include mass-production as creating such rich features within a thin body will take more time since it will involve a different kind of manufacturing process. The same issue is what Apple had also faced during the manufacturing of the iPhone X. With the rumours about Samsung releasing a new foldable smartphone surfacing for the past two years, the time has come now for Samsung to take those rumors seriously, come 2018.

This will not be the company’s first foray into the foldable screen space however, as it has previously created a 78-inch TV that could be converted from curved to flat and vice versa by bending the edges of the screen. There are also other companies who have jumped into the bendable screen bandwagon such as LG and Lenovo who have each developed their own concept bendable screens as well.

The foldable Galaxy Note was earlier called Project Valley or Galaxy X. There are no features that have been confirmed to arrive on next year’s Note however. There are also no known patents or designs and concept drawings revealed to the public to discern the arrival of a new foldable smartphone. The latest rumors surrounding the Galaxy X was that there would be test runs conducted on the second half of the year. With already so much action going on with the release of the S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 this year, Samsung will have exhausted much of its concentration in order to get back to the development of the Galaxy X.

It does seem interesting why Samsung would tease the development of a new Note device the same day as the new iPhone Keynote, hinting that the company always has something up its sleeve and that fans should look forward to.